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Pointillism is a type of art made up of dots. Today I will show you a way of doing it in a really pretty way!! You will simply need...

1. Paper

2. Markers

3. Pencil

I like to have markers that have quite a wide tip because  it makes it much easier to fill in the spaces faster. If you don’t have any pencil crayons lying around, you can use paint 

I made another yes of pointillism art that was on felt. I used glitter glue and I basically drew a tree on the felt with felt markers and then with the glitter glue I put blobs on it and I let it dry. (This is also a type of pointless of art)

The next step is to take your pencil and start drawing some lines. Don’t worry if they’re not perfect.

(I made the middle of the lines start more to the top left corner than in the middle.)

Then you can making dots in between the lines on your paper... You can decide how many lines you want to have on your paper.

This is what mine looked like when I Finished!!!

This is a short video I put together of the process!!

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