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Making a Pinata - Part 2: Paper Mache

· Creativity,Posted by Kirsten

Paper Mache requires lots of strips of newspaper. We started by cutting up a whole Globe & Mail in 1" strips.

Next we made the glue. We started with 1 cup flour and whisked in 1 cup of water. It was a bit thick so we added another half cup of water.

You want the glue to be fairly thin and runny, like in this picture.

Paper Mache is messy. So the next thing we did was cover our table with newspaper. Once you've got your work area set up, take one strip of newspaper and immerse it in the glue.

Pull the strip out by one end allowing excess glue to drip off.

Squeeze the strip between two fingers and slide them down to the bottom of the strip to remove extra glue.

Then gently lay the strip on the cardboard shell. Repeat this with strips, overlapping them as you go, until the whole shell is covered.

Let each side dry before turning over to do another side. And don't forget to work around your candy flap!

Because we used a cardboard shell, only one layer of paper mache was required to hold the shape of the piñata. If we had done more layers, it would have been too hard to break eventually. If we had just left it as a cardboard shell, it would have been too flimsy and collapsed at the first whack. We let it dry overnight and then poked two holes in the top.

We threaded a strong zap strap through the holes to create a loop from which we would eventually hang the piñata. We reinforced this area with duct tape but forgot to take a photo of this step.

Now it is ready for the fun parts: stuffing and decorating!

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