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Make a Smokey Circut

By: Trevor


Do not do this experiment near anything that is flammable or might catch fire.

For this experiment you will need the following,

The names of the things you will need are:

Electrical tape

Six AA batteries

A wire cutter (for thin wires)

A piece of mechanical pencil led (roughly four centimeters or three inches)

Two long and thin wires

And a smallish mason jar

Step one

Take your six batteries and tape them together with the electrical tape.

Step two

Strip your wires with the wire cutter.

Make sure that when you strip the wires, you strip about one and a half centimeters off of it.

Step three

Wrap the stripped end of your wires around your piece of pencil led.

Do this to both ends of both your stripped wires.

Step four

Put the led with the wires attached to it, into your mason jar.

If the led and wires are not staying in the middle of the mason jar, then you can use the electrical tape, and tape the wires in place.

Step five

Connect and complete the circuit.

If you are uncomfortable with using your fingers to complete the circuit, then you can take a piece of electrical tape and stick the wires to either end of the batteries.


You must push both ends of the batteries (with wires on them), into each other with your hands.

Here is a quick video of what mine looked like.

Thanks for reading!

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