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Info On Piñatas

By: Trevor McFarlane

· History,Posted by Trevor

I did some research on the piñatas history and what they symbolize. Take a look!


What Does A Pinata Symbolize?


A piñata is, (If you don’t know,) a traditional star with seven points on it, but you can get them in other forms now-a-days. The piñata is normally made of Paper Mache, Pottery or Cloth and is filled with small toys and/or candy! The piñata is a Mexican tradition and there are reasons for the seven points on it and what it symbolizes. Why does a piñata have seven points on it you might ask, well, you ask, and you shall receive. A piñata has seven points to symbolize the seven sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride). But there are four other things that you might not know. Those are the stick, the bright colors of the piñata, the blindfold and the candy or toys. The stick is symbolizing the virtue or will to overcome the sin(s), the blindfold plays the role of faith, the bright colors are the temptation to give in to the sins and finally the candy and toys stand for the riches of the kingdom of heaven.

I also looked at how a piñata is used.


How And When Is A Pinata Used?


A good question, pinata is normally used at a party or celebration. The game “Whack the Piñata” is a very simple but tricky game, so here are some step by step instructions on how to play!

  1. Make or buy a piñata.
  2. Get a broom or long stick.
  3. Find a piece of cloth to be used as a blindfold. 
  4. Find some friends or family and invite them over for a party.
  5. Hang your piñata from something by a string so it may held by a person who is not playing.
  6. Put the blindfold on someone and give them the stick or broom.
  7. Make the first person spin around in circles ten times and then you can let them take some whacks at the piñata for a set time limit (roughly 10 to 15 seconds).
  8. Let the next person in have a go.

There you have it folks, some detailed step by step instructions on how to play “Whack the Piñata”! If you would like a more challenging version, there will be a person holding the rope that the piñata is suspended by, and they will tug on the rope causing the piñata to bounce around in the air while the piñata whacker is trying to whack the piñata! It is a lot of fun! It is a little bit more fun if it happens to be a sunny day though.

Playing the piñata game is fun in all, but you can make it more fun by singing the "Piñata Song"


Is There A Way To Sing “The Piñata Song” In Spanish?


The answer is yes. Yes, there is a way to sing the traditional “The Piñata Song” in Spanish and I am about to show you how! Look at the song lyrics down below.


When the piñata is being whacked, this traditional Mexican song is sung:

Dale, dale dale

No pierdas el tino

Por que si lo pierdes

Pierdes el camino

Ya le disteuno

Ya le diste dos

Ya le distetres

Y tutiempo se acabo

The translation of that song will be down below as well.

Translation of “THE PIÑATA SONG”

Hit it, hit it, hit it

Don’t lose your aim

Because if you lose it

You will lose your way

You hit it once

You hit it twice

You hit it three times

And your time is up

Thanks for reading, have a great day, and try making a piñata yourself!

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