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How to do a chest stand

posted by Fiona

· Posted by Fiona,Contortion

To do contortion requires a lot of flexibility.

So before doing this you will need to stretch! Follow along to these stretches to get your back warmed up!!

Make sure that your wrists are stretched if you are going to do a backbend.

The next thig that is required, is strength!

To strengthen, you would lift up each leg around 20 times (it gets tiring).

When you are doing this try not to put your head down.

Once you feel warmed up enough, Try to attempt a chest stand!!

I will show you step by step how to go in to this position below.

The way I am showing you, is the way to go in to it for people that have less back flexibility.

Step 1. Start by standing up on a mat (really easy)

Step 2. Lean back in to a bridge.

(If you can't lean back in to it, you can start from the ground)

Step 3. This next step is basically a bridge but you are on your elbows!!

(if you are not comfortable going this far yet, practise getting into and out of your bridge from standing)

You can also try stretching a bit longer. (But do not over stretch)

Step 4. If you have made it to "step 3" then it is pretty easy from here!!

You simply arch your back farther, look through your legs and try to grab on to your feet!

(I make it sound a lot easier than it is)

If this is your first time, then have someone there to spot you!

I hope you enjoyed my instructions on how to do a chest stand!!

If you would like to see how to do the other way of getting into this position, please say so in the comments!!

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