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Haiku Summary of The Day

· Creativity,Posted by Kirsten

Trevor wrote several Haiku poems about his day:

As a summary of the Horrible Histories Great Greeks video:

Greeks lived in Athens

They did lots of wrestling

They had no rules.

To describe our lovely walk around Whytecliff Park:

Jumping Rock to Rock

Having Fun on an Island

All at Whytecliff Park

An ode to his new favourite dinner dish:

My buffalo Wings

They look amazingly great.

I want to eat them!

And in celebration of Revi's 2nd Bark Day (aka birthday) he wrote two haikus!

It's Revi's Birthday!

A Happy Birthday to him.

He will get meatloaf.

A good old ear scratch

And a nice big belly rub

Happy Barkday Revi!

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