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Creating Our School

· Creativity,Posted by Kirsten

Our first homeschool project was the creation of our school. We brainstormed many names before settling on Squirrelly School. Why did it win? We like alliterations, we all get squirrelly when we spend too much time inside and while we know education is important, we also believe that a splash of silly and a dash of fun make learning even better.

Next on the agenda was a contest to come up with a school logo. Once again, lots of great creative ideas. But we all agreed that Fiona's "house with expletives" concept was the best.

We then took the concept into Adobe Illustrator, played with some fun fonts, chose colours and added some other details. And voila - our school logo!

Monday, March 30th marks the official opening day of the Squirrelly School. Wish us luck!

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