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Bouncy Egg Trick

posting by Fiona

· Posted by Fiona,Kitchen Science

This trick is very satisfying but a bit smelly!! Here are the things you will need!!

  • Vinegar
  • 1 egg
  • a wide cup or mug

The firs step is to gently place your egg in to the cup/mug (don't break it!!)

Then you are going to take your vinegar and pour it so that it is covering the egg fully.

It should start to get bubbly around the egg.

Once you have finished these steps, you just have to be patient. Wait overnight (24 hours.)

When you wake up the next morning, look at the egg (it should have expanded.) You will notice that the hard shell is not there any more! That is because the strong acid from the vinegar dissolved the shell, witch made it squishy and bouncy!!

These are the things you will need to extract the egg from the cup.

(You don't need tongs, you can just use your hands if that's easier)

  •  1 pair of tongs
  •  1 plate

Take the egg out from the cup and place it on the plate. (be VERY gentle in this step)

Take your egg to the sink and carefully wash off all of the remaining stuff along the outside of the egg.

It should de either translucent or a creamy white colour, as shown in the picture below!

I will show you a short video of what mine looked like in the end!!

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